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23 November
TAG Heuer: best girls’ friends
The elegance and refinement of details, the famous S-shaped bracelet and the unrivaled accuracy of the new TAG Heuer Link Lady watch will surely convince you to reconsider the look at the "best girls’ friends". This is as reliable and bright as diamonds. So, modern Marilyns should certainly dream about the Link Lady.
The Link TAG Heuer collection was designed in 1987. It features a recognizable bracelet with the links of S-shape. Incredibly stylish, it is the standard of ergonomics and convenience: each link is curved and rounded from all sides to ensure comfy wearing.
The bracelet of the new Link Lady model is now fully integrated into a stylish 32 mm steel case, which has no lugs. Complex geometry is the same, but the decoration became more refined: all the edges of the S-shaped links were polished and the upper part was treated using wire brushing.
The collection is about bright colors for the first time - dark blue with "Sun Rays" guilloche and pearly pink, which makes the dials especially expressive.
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