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19 July
Synchronize the watches: GUM Motor Rally & Vacheron Constantin

The annual GUM Motor Rally, the most prestigious and representative classic rally of Russia, starts at Red Square on July 23th for the fourth time. This is a real difficult competition: after all, you must strictly observe the set pace, be in the right place at the right moment to the nearest second without violating the road regulations. Vintage car is unpredictable and capricious thing, but watch is always accurate: after all, the oldest watch manufacture Vacheron Constantin is the main partner of GUM Motor Rally since 2015.
"We have long friendly relations with BOSCO and GUM, the historical department store of Russia. It has a long history, like Vacheron Constantin - the oldest watch manufactory established 260 years ago, - the brand manager of Vacheron Constantin watch house Nicolas Deffler noted. “Cars and watches have much in common: movements are in their hearts." – he added.
Watch movement, unlike car engine, works flawlessly 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and in case of the legendary Vacheron Constantin, it requires maintenance only once every 3-5 years. It can be compared to the “heart” of a mechanical vehicle in terms of complexity and the number of parts. You can make sure of it within GUM Motor Rally. The representatives of Vacheron Constantin will be happy to tell about the achievements of the brand and introduce new models to everyone who wishes.
The slogan "Do better if possible, and it is always possible" reflects the philosophy of the House throughout its timeline. The winners will be awarded with the legendary Vacheron Constantin watch within the awarding ceremony at VESNA mall.

See you at GUM Motor Rally!

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