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23 August
School fair in GUM from August 24rd to September 9th
A large School Fair opens in the main GUM building. 11 special corners will work in the center of GUM near the fountain and at the 3rd line to make shopping & fittings comfy, exciting & nice.

Eternal values are the trend of the season. Even the first-grader knows that esprit is in trend! Designers caught the general mood and strengthened their collections with "school clothes" intended for those who are not afraid to look excellent and proud of their success. Pantsuits for girls came to school fashion from the world's leading catwalks, convincing blue and respected plaid are always here. Tartan, just like adults have, adorns tights and ties, vests, shirts, sweaters, and skirts. The classic combination of a shirt with a tie or a bright shirt with a jacket and vest is still relevant for boys. School bags in navy shade acquired solidity and have become similar to adult briefcases.

The variety of trendy school clothes and accessories is already presented in Children's GUM. Starting from August 23rd, a large School Fair opens in the main building of GUM. 11 special corners including mathematics, Russian and literature, drawing, geography, chemistry, biology, craft and physical education, will work in the center of GUM near the fountain and at the 3rd line to make shopping & fittings comfy, exciting & nice. Here you can find everything you need for school lessons - school uniforms, schoolbags, books and notebooks, pens and pencils, pencil cases, covers for textbooks and notebooks, paints, globes, contour maps, visual aids and much more.

Mathematics will please with a variety of graph notebooks, counting materials and all sorts of games for logical thinking.

Drawing combines everything a young artist needs: acrylic paints, gouache, watercolor, colored pencils, markers, crayons, albums. School accessories like bags, pencil cases, covers for textbooks and exercise books with the image of paints and pencils can also be found here.

Russian and Literature present a large selection of all kinds of encyclopedias and fiction included in the secondary school curriculum.

Geography offers atlases, globes and contour maps, as well as entertaining board games related to travel or sets imitating excavation works.

In addition to notebooks with formulas, Chemistry corner offers interesting sets for fascinating scientific experiments.

Biology is about the range of professional microscopes and all sorts of visual aids: for example, human body model.

"The first day of the first year of school!" offers everything a first-grader needs from slant-ruled notebooks and first-graders sets to ABCs & ABC-books, counting sticks, pens and pencils.

Entertainers, dressed in school uniforms, will offer young customers to play their parents' favorite games: classics and Chinese jump rope. The work-shops in the children's GUM will offer to handicraft  various school trifles like bookmarks, timetables, book covers.

Live dummies will appear in the shop windows of the Children's GUM. They will act out scenes from school life at certain times. The everyone's favorite Uncle Stipple from the poem by Sergei Mikhalkov will be the guide from GUM to Children's GUM.

See you at Children’s GUM & GUM from August 24rd to September 9th! 

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