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2 October
Yana Pavlidis Personal Style School

On October 18, the Personal Style School will be hosting a session at the BoscoCasa Interior Décor Boutique at Petrovsky Passage. The Moscow session follows events in Rome and Milan.

The Personal Style School is headed by Yana Pavlidis, stylist, costume designer, Channel One style expert. The event is not just a lecture and an opportunity to see the season’s collections. It’s a true expert session with a focus on practicality, styling, and personal recommendations for each participant.

Learn how to select looks, not items, how to use colors, details, and textures to create clothing sets, how to combine shoes and clothing, how to navigate hairstyling and makeup trends. The Personal Style School is about inspiration, new ideas, beauty to make the most of each day.

Each participant of the school session will enjoy:

- personal recommendations on items and colors;

- seasonal look book with tips on clothing combinations for workdays, special occasions, and weekends;

- beauty trends in makeup, hairstyling, seasonal trends;

- discounts and gifts from partners.

Visit the link to browse the Personal Style School program and register for the session.

A special 5% discount is available for participants with Bosco di Ciliegi loyalty cards (promocode: Bosco).

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