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6 April
Posh Pirates: SS 2020 Etro Collection

Posh Pirates: SS 2020 Etro CollectionAdventures of real pirates, and not necessarily those of the Caribbean Sea, became the inspiration for the Etro Spring Summer Collection. The famous pirate of Irish descent Anne Bonny, nicknamed Lady of the Seas, and the English conqueror of the sea Mary Read were the muses of Etro Creative Director Veronica Etro.

Furious and passionate, the Etro women of the SS 2020 season are open to adventures. And only the sky is the limit for them! The second motif of the collection was the exciting world of hippies in the 1970s.

The Etro woman in a floating asymmetrical dress eagerly savors the beauty of the forces of nature, the energy of the wind and the sun everywhere from Isla Mujeres and Tangier to Ibiza and Goa —the favorite holiday destinations.

The joyful and relaxed collection is a play on contrasts that add intrigue. The iconic paisley pattern is fused with a multi-colored stripe and decorations in the style of ancient Indian tribes. Textured fabrics enriched with embroidery and fringe, vibrant prints are combined with intricate jerseys, including ponchos and long cardigans.

The accessories of the collection include straw hats with a burnt effect, headscarves, belts with metal buckles-crescents. As for footwear, the designers offer leather pirate boots and sandals adorned with metal details in the form of a butterfly. These are souvenirs collected from a never-ending, dreamy journey around the world.

We look forward to seeing you at Etro Boutiques (Petrovsky Passage, GUM, Vesna, and Smolensky Passage)!

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