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26 February
Seasonal offer: the menu from the Michelin chef in Bosco Fresh & Bar
The menu from the youngest owner of the three Michelin stars in the world among Chinese chefs, Al Albert Au Kwok Keung from Hong Kong is a gift for you at the end of the celebration of the Chinese New Year in GUM.
The mission to acquaint the GUM guests with the high cuisine of the Celestial Empire is entrusted to the Bosco Fresh & Bar restaurant. "I developed a menu in which China's millennial culinary traditions are combined with new gastronomic trends," Albert says.
Squid cooked following a special recipe, shrimp balls, stuffed foie gras, scallops with pear, fillet angus with eggplant and teriyaki sauce - this is the list of the main dishes. Branded mango and pomelo course is for dessert.
Appreciate the authentic Hong Kong cuisine that conquered the hearts of the Michelin critics. Moreover, it can be done with a view of Red Square and GUM passages. Enjoy the offbeat cultural fusion. Hurry up! The offer is limited.
Look forward to seeing you in Bosco Fresh&Bar in GUM!
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