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7 September
Happy New Fashionable Year: trunk show in Petrovsky Passage
Autumn is the beginning of a new academic year and not only for schoolchildren. This is the start of another fashion season. Adults will surely do without textbooks, but auxiliary means won’t go amiss. The trunk-show that took place on September 5th in the exquisite interiors of Petrovsky Passage demonstrated the tasks allotted by modern fashion and the answers to them.
The first topic was close to the school style. The whole array of schoolgirls & students defiled before the eyes of the guests. Modern milk & water girls are still in school, college or university, but try to go up the job ladder. High, but stable heels are perfect to overcome various obstacles; a chord of femininity & romanticism is strengthened by jewelry, detachable collars, guipure gloves. Dense pantyhose gives way to more delicate one with textured dots. A rakishly turned-up beret is a tribute to infantilism, but you should not be mistaken: a gentle & touching image is an excellent frame for a business person with a pragmatic mind. Tulle airy dresses are easily combined with vinyl boots & bright bags, change classic shades to contrasting shocking pink, dismissing the resemblance to the "washed-up" vintage style.
The velvety mellow season is not only a gift of the passing summer this fall. The important part of the wardrobe is given to it. An attempt to wear the soft & mellow velvet fabric without a certain rank was punished in the past centuries. Modern time sweeps away almost all obstacles. Velvet is not diluted by modest textures: luxury fr om top to toe is welcomed. Trouser suits, jackets with skirts, coats, blouses and even accessories to strengthen the effect. The observance of one color range in the look is the only limitation.
The next block was dedicated to one of the most urgent & provocative themes of the fall. The new faves of the season - bulky down jackets, fur vests or sheepskin coats are offered to be worn with vintage bathing suits, net bodysuits and cropped tops. These proposals do not come from extreme brands, but from respected designers, like Veronica Etro or Lorenzo Serafini. Courage and serious sports training is needed to master this trend: after all, it is offered to show the body despite the coming cold.
Sport is another powerful mainstream of the season. Gym clothing has firmly installed itself in our daily wardrobe and is not going to leave it. There is an unconditional advantage in youth street style: it is comfy & convenient. Hoodies, track jackets, down jackets, vintage-style track bottoms, sneakers, T-shirts, baseball caps either make up a whole slightly aggressive look or mix with elegant luxury, creating a fresh & fancy image.
The active use of men's wardrobe is one of the trends that will help to create a non-trivial casual look. Oversize parkas, sweatshirts, corduroy pants drawn from the American uncle, military style boots, "Dr. Watson" hats. You can safely try on the articles in men's corners! You should not be embarrassed when it comes to coats, wh ere buckles’ side give out a gender identity to men's collection.
And finally, evening theme, praising decorative value this season.  Jacquard, brocade, sequins, rhinestones, appliques & fur are the characteristics of palace, magnificent & shameless luxury.
Strengthen your shortcomings, the legendary Diana Vreeland advised. The fashion slogan of the season is “Dress up provocatively”. It should not be imposed from the outside, but come from the inside to be organic.
Come to Petrovsky Passage! And it does not matter if you want a radical change in your wardrobe or just going to buy something new.
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