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13 August
Russian pedestal
The seventh day of the Olympic Russian team brought three awards of different denominations: gold in fencing, silver and bronze on the cycling track in the firing of the rifle lying
 For the first time, & nbsp; since the Atlanta Games in 1996, fencers team won gold in the team competition. Winning this truly golden: encountering a serious contender at every stage of qualifying, our athletes are confident going forward, literally knocking a ticket to the next round each
 And in the final, in an already seemingly hopeless situation, giving the French nine points, Alex Cheremisinov Timur Safin and Arthur Ahmathuzin managed yet to reverse the situation and take home a well-deserved gold.
 Velogonschitsa Szmielew Daria and Anastasia Voinova in the final race had to fight with the already familiar to them in the World Cup rivals, Chinese women Hun Jingjie and Tianshi Zhong. In London, the Chinese women have conceded the gold to our girls, and at the Olympics took revenge. Our athletes, followed by highway racer Irina Zabelin, added a second silver in the treasury of our cycling team.
 In a dramatic final competitions in rifle shooting at 50 meters lying Russians Kirill Grigorian long held second, but the fate of the medals decided in a shootout with Korean Kim Hean: Cyril, he said, he did not cope with the excitement and took third place
 Congratulations to our winners!
 We look forward to new victories!
 Photo: Sergey Kivrin / Andrei Golovanov
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