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7 July
Ritratto Pomellato: extraordinary beauty
An eye-catching gem between two elegant lugs: Ritratto is a new collection launched by Pomellato in the year of the brand's fiftieth anniversary. The jewelry pieces are made in the traditions of antique Indian cut: large-sized gems with a step-shaped cut resemble Maharaja's rings. They look very modern and are perfect to complement any summer look.
The design of the collection is built around an almost intangible, but outlined spiral, making the central gem asymmetrical to the finger. This merging of the curved shape and clear cut is truly fascinating. Characteristic of Pomellato, the flossy clasp and the claw-like frame balances and emphasizes the gem’s movement. Each treated gem has 101 facets, 33 of which make up the crown and 68 - the pavilion.
The collection is about a series of rings available in three sizes, earrings and pendants with a rose gold frame and a pavé of cognac, white or icy diamonds. Smoky pink gold, milk quartz, blue London topaz and amethyst create a touching color symphony.
Ritratto Pomellato embodies different facets of femininity which is endless and elusive, impetuous and restrained at the same time.
Rings with amethyst and london-topaz are available in the boutiques of the brand in GUM, Petrovsky Passage, Smolensky Passage and Sochi.
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