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31 October
Richard Ginori: Garden of Eden
Sipping tea or coffee from the cups of the Volière line by the Italian manufactory Richard Ginori, you want to twitter and flutter even if it is Monday on the calendar. Its name stands for "bird house" in French.
The ornament in the shape of realistic images of forest birds, inspired by botanical drawings of the XIX century is hand-applied to the plates, cups and teapots of the finest porcelain. Each of the 12 graphic images of different kinds of birds on intricate festoons is divided into differed elements and colors: every feather, eyes and beak is reproduced - after all, the palette is about over fifty shades.
The birds are surrounded by intricate floral pattern in four different versions, covered with gilding.  
The collection is available at Richard Ginori boutique in Petrovsky Passage! 

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