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26 April
Public Talk at GUM Red-Line Gallery – Venice Biennale: A Russian Point of View
The GUM-Red-Line Gallery launched a series of events that will be taking place during the contemporary art show on GUM’s First Line in April and May.

A public talk regarding the Russian Pavilions at the Venice Biennale took place on April 26 at the new gallery space. The event featured the artists of the GUM-Red-Line Project: Irina Korina, Aidan Salakhova, Sergey Bratkov, and Gosha Ostretsov who represented the Pavilions of Russia and Ukraine at different times. They participated in the central and parallel programs of the oldest international biennale in the world.

The discussion on this subject involved Sergey Bratkov, Gosha Ostretsov, Aidan Salakhova, Irina Korina, Irina Volskaya, Sergey Gushin – Fragment Art Club, Igor Kazakov – GUM-Red-Line Project Director, Marina Fedorovskaya – GUM-Red-Line Curator. Moderator of the Public talk – Alexander Shurenkov, Fragment Art Club.

Irina Volskaya, Fragment Art Club:

I wish for our artists to be even more valued, popular, internationally acclaimed, their works should be sold as well as the artworks of our great compatriots – Malevich, Kandinsky. It seems to me that thanks to the GUM-Red-Line Gallery and Cherry Forest Festival there are more and more people who are supporting Russian contemporary art.

Igor Kazakov, GUM-Red-Line:

Today we are proud that the fascinating topic of the Venice Biennale is being discussed not within a small circle of people, but with the participation of our spectacular artists.

Evgeniya Linovich, designer:

My dream is to participate in the Venice Biennale, and today I am certainly looking for answers, hints, contacts, addresses for my dream to come true. I am interested in contemporary art, and I have some pieces in my collections, for example, some artworks by Andrey Bartenev. I am a designer, and people in my profession should keep up with contemporary art. For me it is an inspiration; it helps me to advance. I am sure that contemporary art is a must for any creative person.

Evgeniya Milova, Kommersant:

Today’s event is a wonderful to do list for any tourist who is more or less immersed in contemporary art. At today’s meeting, the best experts showed us a particular algorithm of moving towards Venice and what to do when you are already there. It is a valuable experience to hear the insider’s point of view.

Gosha Ostretsov, artist:

It was interesting not only for the audience, but for all of us as well – to listen to each other since our experiences were very different, and each of us has a story behind our participation in the Venice Biennale.
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