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11 October
Public talk of Marina Rinaldi designer
Despite the cold autumn weather, warm air reigned in the GUM Demonstration Hall on October 10th. Public talk of Marina Rinaldi brand was held here this day. The new FW Marina Rinaldi collection, created together with Stella Jean, was presented to the fans of the brand by the designer of the brand Enrica Carretti and Glamour editor-in-chief Maria Fedorova.

Enrica Carretti:
There are no categories in fashion now. Elegance, sports style... Everything is mixed, and there is only rule - mix & match. So, feel free to mix and match. Fashion becomes a kind of a game: elegant business suit is worn with snickers, sweatshirts with classic trench coats, silk dresses with coarse shoes ... So be braver and play!
Maria Fedorova:
When I come to MR store, I do not worry that something is be small or is not fit me, or is too short. However, MR brand is close to me not only because they sew plus size clothes, but also because they crave for art. And this is especially visible in the collections of the guest designer Stella Jean. And also because they are able to create the mood. MR always reminds us that fashion is a game where there are rules, of course, but the main thing is passion and the ability to treat the things around with irony.

The new capsule collection of Stella Jean and Marina Rinaldi is full of irony. Seventeen articles supplemented by shoes, bags, shawls, hats and jewels are united by two incompatible themes: Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" and Italian decorative patterns of the early twentieth century in the Liberty style. The collection includes comfy trouser suits and a coat with marlins, dresses with open shoulders, vests, chiffon skirts. It is very romantic, original, but totally wearable!
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