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10 October
No contra indications: Moschino capsule collection

In his funny and cheeky manner Jeremy Scott "orders" his fans a colorful collection of clothing and accessories inspired drugs’ packages and instructions.

The new collection features creative stickers-prints with phrases which we usually see on medicines’ packages like Shake Well, Warning or Before Taking Medicine Check With Your Pharmacist. They will help to be alert & alive, and the images of two-colored tablets will surely be a panacea for "fashion victims".

Ironic instructions for use can be seen on T-shirts, dresses, knits and suits, vials & plastic blisters for tablets became the original iPhone covers.

Pharmaceutical theme is seen in accessories’ line: orange vial is perfect as a cross-body and blister is turned into a versatile clutch.

There are no side effects or contra indications!

The models from the capsule collection are available not in Paris or Milan only, but also in GUM at Red Square. You are welcome to get acquainted with the new arrivals in the store of the brand in GUM.

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