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8 August
Back-to-school fair in Children's GUM
BOSCOFAMILY suggests:  do not postpone the annual bits & pieces for the last weeks of August and choose everything you need at the large back-to-school fair, which has already been opened in Children's GUM.
After all, the 1st of September is not just the Day of Knowledge: the one can boast of how he or she has grown up and tanned during the summer, and show trendy new clothes to the friends at last. Therefore, the first day of study should be met fully armed: for example, open a new backpack in the classroom, open a bright pencil-case, take out a beautiful pen and write the common "September 1st. Classroom work" on the first page of a neat notebook.
Start with a knapsack: for example, with a popular Herlitz or DerDiDas. They feature an orthopedic back, which forms a correct posture and reduces pressure on the spine.
It can be filled with notebooks with favorite characters from comics and cartoons, cool pens, nice colored pencils and markers, funny sharpeners, erasers and rulers, paints and clay, and much more.
We have almost forgot about those who already know exactly whom they want to be: we have globes for travelers, chess sets for young chess players, encyclopedias and geographic atlases for future scientists.
See you in Children's GUM!

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