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23 September
Italian Passion 21/09: Fashionable Rally in the Finest Taste
September 21 saw the Italian Passion event, inspired by what the Italian do best: cars, clothes, and food.
The Rally on retro Italian cars was organized by the Classic Automobile Rally Club and started at Crocus City Mall. Team members wore clothes provided by the Pal Zileri Boutique at Crocus City Mall. Participants of the rally were battling for an exclusive watch from the U-Boat Boutiques, also housed at Crocus City Mall.
The rally route passed through the main Moscow landmarks connected to Italy with the last spot being the new restaurant Sartoria Lamberti on Floor 1 of The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. Participants celebrated the successful race with cocktails to the accompaniment of the musings by Davide De Gregorio.

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