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27 June
"Super-lift" program at ARTICOLI Salon & SPA in Petrovsky Passage

Is it possible to stop aging process and become younger at least by 10 years without surgeon's knife! Beauticians of ARTICOLI Salon & SPA in Petrovsky Passage have developed an author's approach to the correction of age-related and degenerative changes in the soft tissues of the face, neck and décolleté. Appreciate the exclusive myoplastic massage.
The "Super-lift" technique corresponds to the plastic correction effectiveness and even surpasses it in terms of stability and long-lasting result. The massage technique slows down the basic mechanisms of biological aging, and also reduces the negative impact of stress, solar radiation and hereditary factors.
In addition, myoplastic massage can be used at the stage of preoperative preparation and post-plastic rehabilitation: it helps tissues to cope with traumatic damage more quickly and effectively.
The cosmetologist primary focuses on the muscles of face and neck. The aim of the technique is to restore the tone and suppleness of surrounding tissues, stimulate blood circulation and nervous trophism.
A pronounced lifting effect can be seen immediately: facial contours are leveled, lines are decreases, the complexion is better.
In the case of rehabilitation after injuries or plastic surgeries, tissues recover and release from the decay products faster.
Learn the details and fix the time & date of your visit calling: +7 (495) 921 1511

See you at ARTICOLI Salon&SPA in Petrovsky Passage!

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