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21 December
Professional Skiing Outfit by Bosco

Skiing is one of the most healthy and accessible sports out there. Taking full advantage of its long-standing expertise in creating sportswear and the cooperation with the Federation of Cross-Country Skiing of Russia, Bosco has developed a unique outfit for skiing.

The Bosco training outfit includes a coat and a pair of sports trousers. Three factors played a key role in making the clothing set: evaporation of liquids, as skiing is a physically taxing activity; streamlining with minimal wind resistance; protection against wind and cold.

The Bosco outfit is ideally suited for intense skiing and professional sports activities in temperatures reaching down to -10 and -15 degrees Celsius. The sportswear was developed with the use of modern materials, solid fabrics, and contemporary design.

The lower part of the coat, as well as the waist section and lower part of the trousers, features internal non-slip lacing. Long zippers ensure that the trousers are always comfortably put on and taken off. The outfit includes side pockets for personal belongings.

We are confident that skiing enthusiasts will enjoy the new outfit during this snowy winter.

The clothing set is already available at all Bosco stores: GUM, Petrovsky Passage, BoscoVesna in Moscow, as well as Rosa Khutor in Sochi.

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