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23 December
"At the forefront of Russian fashion" project goes on: Public talk dedicated to Maison ESVE was held in Smolensky Passage.
Smolensky Passage is at the forefront of Russian fashion, which is experiencing bustling Renaissance now.  The two-level BOSCOFAMILY space offers not only the collections of the new generation of the Russian designers, but also arranges events featuring the authors and the leading stylists who, led by the founder of Laura Jugelia, personally present their best looks. On December 22nd the torch has been taken up by the mysterious Maison ESVE brand.  Its creators prefer to preserve the incognito – that is why the presentation has been conducted by the famous stylist Oksana On.

As envisioned by the founders of the brand, the names and faces of those who create the beauty should be behind the scenes. "The hint is encoded in the title - you can guess it, using the method of deduction" - Laura Jugelia hinted at the beginning of the presentation. The designers believe that the collections can tell even more.
And they really said: Maison ESVE is young, but according to Laura Jugelia, it is absolutely "self-sufficient" brand, so the second level of BOSCOFAMILY space has changed beyond recognition to be in tune with the concept of the brand: delicate pink cherries bloomed on weightless chiffon dresses, birds of paradise froze on flowing silk kimonos, enveloping like clouds long evening capes beckoned with silver.

«Maison ESVE is a sample of Art Deco style, its essence is inspired by the fashion of the last century ... For example, there are no zippers, which refer to the versatility, immediacy and consumerism. In general, there is no place for vanity. So the attires feature ribbons & buttons." – Oksana On noticed.

Maison Esve appeared in 2015.  Its first collection "Beyond the bounds" that combines Russian and Japanese culture won recognition instantly: "They have managed to combine several topics in one collection, but it did not look like crazy quilt ... Also, they were among the first who have opened sheath  dress for us"- Oksana On explains.
Weightless, translucent lace dresses, based on lingerie style, are combined with heavy velvet fabrics and similar to fur or tinsel textured complex materials.

In addition to the looks from "Beyond the bounds" collection, the designers have chosen the best looks from 3 other projects - "Nostalgia", "Bird of Paradise" and "Silver Clouds" for the show in Smolensky Passage. Dealing with different topics, they are united by a recognizable style and the aesthetics of the brand: the abundance of handicraft, eclectic fabrics, loose cut and complicated finish.

The evening has not been without a resounding premiere. On December 22nd Christmas capsule collection was presented. The delightful looks for the main night of the year can be already preordered in BOSCOFAMILY space.
"We can say that Maison ESVE is the brand for the lazy. You just put on the dress and the look is ready, nothing more is needed. You can only add it with an austere watch" – Oksana On recommends.

Smolensky Passage now offers items from the collections of other assertive Russian designers including Rasario, Laroom, NOLO, RASARIO, Yanina, Chapurin, Birukov, Poustovit, Victoria Andreyanova, Galina Pozolko, Izeta, Girlpower, Katya Dobryakova and many others.
Within the project "At the forefront of Russian fashion", which media partner is headed by Laura Jugelia, each of them will tell about themselves, their brand and answer the guests’ questions in warm home-like ambiance of Smolensky Passage with a glass of Champaign in their hands.
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