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26 May
Presentation of Natura Fabularis L'Artisan Parfumeur collection in ARTICOLI by BOSCO
On May 25th, the French perfumery house presented the mystical collection Natura Fabularis in honor of the opening of L'Artisan Parfumeur corner in ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM. Now you are welcome to discover six olfactory fantasies created by perfumer Daphné Bugey.
Guided by secular beauties of Moscow, the guests plunged into the fascinating world of Natura Fabularis. Each of the girls presented one of the six fragrances of the collection - Arcana Rosa, Glacialis Terra, Venenum, Tenebrae, Mirabilis, Violaceum.
The guests of the event felt like real perfumery experts, guessing the key notes of the fragrant creations.
Roman Kovalishin and his VISIONÄR Bureau created floristic decor in Natura Fabularis style.
The Natura Fabularis collection is a walk through an immense perfect garden, embodied by nature itself. This is the realm of phantasmagoria, where leaves change the shape and flowers alter the colors. Like the bold gardener alchemist, planting wild grass and flowers together, Daphné Bugey brings unexpected notes to the very heart of the compositions.
You are welcome to ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM to discover the new flavors.
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