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6 March
Presentations of Etro Home Interiors at Petrovsky Passage
The creative director Livio Ballabio and CEO of Jumbo Group Moreno Brambilla visited the boutique these days. The guests had a unique opportunity to meet with the representatives of the renowned factory, talk about the art of furniture making and trends in interior design.
The uniqueness of the new collection comes from the natural progression of traditions, style and values associated with Etro. The collection includes exclusive fabrics and materials that appear on furniture for sitting rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Armchairs, sofas, bookcases, tables, chairs, cabinets, lighting fixtures – everything showcases the singular design of Etro, an embodiment of elegance, creativity and color.
Storia Nomade forms the centerpiece of the collection and is inspired by journeys to faraway lands, as the line incorporates materials and ornaments from India and East Asia. The paisley ornament – an image of a date palm sprout and a symbol of new life – is prominently featured.
Pattern Overdose, on the other hand, reflects the psychedelics of the 1970s. The Summer of Love calls out for freedom, creativity, and self-discovery and shows up in an array of deep colors and fantastic patters.
Each journey begins in one’s heart, and spirituality and self-awareness are the cornerstone of the Trascendente Line that underlines a sunny disposition and calming colors. Paradossale Line touches on similar themes but with an ironic twist.
Home Interiors Line ideally couples with the Etro lifestyle and lends a tasteful style to any household. All the articles from the new collection are already available at the Passage.

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