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9 April
Premium Selfcare Brands at Bosco Pharmacy

Right now, we pay close attention to the health of ourselves and those closest to us. It is difficult to gain access to our favorite products and services in the situation of social distancing. Online shopping and contactless delivery are here to help.

Bosco Pharmacy holds all of your favorite premium self-care brands that are the staples of Articoli by Bosco: La Prairie, La Mer, Sisley, MBR, Valmont, Cellcosmet.

An additional 10% discount is available for these brands to Bosco loyalty cardholders.

The pharmacy is open daily, 10:00 to 20:00, 13 Neglinnaya St. Orders can be made by telephone (8 (495) 737 83 29), WhatsApp (8 (903) 569 49 83), and Instagram (@apteka_bosco, you can place your orders at any time via Instagram Direct).

The Bosco Pharmacy also holds a wide selection of medicine, vitamins, diet supplements, disinfectants, and mouth hygiene products which actively combat virus infections.

Selected products from Articoli by Bosco can be ordered via our online store. Stay home; our delivery staff will bring your order to you.

Stay healthy with Bosco!

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