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20 July
BVLGARI Х Sublime by Bosco Pop Up in Sochi

On July 20, the BVLGARI х Sublime by Bosco pop-up store was launched in Sochi. The elegant shopping space, decorated in hues of gold, orange, and saffron, is located at the famous Bosco Galleries, Sea Port. This season on the seashore will take on a truly Italian vibe!

It is well-known that BVLGARI boutiques, ever ethereal, can “pop up” at any time in the most landmark shopping locations all around the world. The current concept of Summer in Italy is the ideal way of celebrating the many years of collaboration with Bosco. The concept fits in perfectly at the sea resort: the playful lettering at the boutique entrance spells out “SOCHI”.

BVLGARI is, naturally, always about Rome. Roman architecture is a limitless source of inspiration for the jewelry brand, most notably the Pantheon, the symbol of the Old Rome, established more than 2000 years ago. The floor pattern of alternating circles and squares is adapted directly from the Pantheon and is a unifying motive across all BVLGARI boutique interiors. The eight-angled star, another key element from the Pantheon, appears at the entrance of the brand’s flagship boutique on Via dei Condotti. It is a universal symbol of harmony and cosmic balance that, as legend has it, also means: Roma Caput Mundi – All Roads Lead to Rome.

The calm and cool hall in Bosco di Ciliegi Galleries cinematically gives way to a bright and sunny lounge terrace with a view of the sea and seafront – just the place for enjoying la dolce vita and indulging in dolce far niente. Inspired by this Italian mood, guests will certainly be in no hurry to leave and will take some deserved R&R in comfy armchairs while also enjoying the finest shopping experience, fully in line with BVLGARI flagship boutiques. Serpenti, B.Zero1, Bvlgari… All the iconic jewelry, watch, and accessory collections are here, including the latest items.

For the first time ever BVLGARI offers its limited cruise accessory collection Bvlgari Resort exclusively in Sochi.

This is just the beginning. A full program of events is prepared for the entire rest of the year, all the way up to the New Year. Journey with us into the mesmerizing and very Italiano world of BVLGARI.

The Bvlgari pop-up boutique is open at Bosco in Sochi till December 31, 2021.

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