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21 April
"There is no "age" concept in fashion any more. If a woman likes her reflection in the mirror and she is well-dressed."

Following Sergey Sysoev, Chapurin and Victoria Andreyanova, the best looks of NOLO brand were presented by the designer of the brand Victoria Joniene, who came directly from Riga. The show was held in Smolensky Passage on April 20th within the BOSCOFAMILY’s project "At the forefront of Russian fashion".

Victoria Joniene became the Designer of the Year in Latvia twice, so it's no wonder that NOLO has many fans not only in the Baltics, but also in Russia. Many guests were dressed in  the articles of their favorite brand, so the evening in Smolensky Passage was started by an impromptu show.
Joniene told the moderator of the talk and the editor of PEOPLETALK Daria Mikhalkova about the new, anniversary collection of the brand, the start of her career and creative process, and answered numerous questions of the guests, presenting the best listeners with prizes.
The SS'17 collection, presented at BOSCOFAMILY in Smolensky Passage, is the tenth collection of the NOLO brand, successfully shown at the London Fashion Week.
According to the designer, she was inspired by "the life of the modern port, its routine and urban landscapes." This unexpected reading of the "marine theme", without which not a single summer is  collection can do, made a real sensation.
Work clothes, aprons, robes and overalls of dockers, port loaders and sailors were transformed into comfy and stylish city clothes. It is distinguished by geometric shapes, removable and large asymmetric parts, as well as various hoods & straps.
The collection is versatile: skirts, tops, shorts, dresses & jackets can be combined in different variations, or worn separately.
"NOLO essence is not about romance and airiness. We create our things for freedom-loving women, with a backbone, for rebels and even rowdies,"- the designer says.
A bold mix of daring street style, austerity of uniform, urban chic - versatility allows to emphasize the inner strength and at the same time the fragile femininity of NOLO protagonist. The look which, according to the designer, is very consonant with Muscovites: "Having been visiting Moscow during the last two years, I literally fell in love with the style and manner of how Russian women are dressed. You are much bolder and open-minded, bright and free-thinking - I see so many stylish people in the streets! "
Answering the question of whom will suit her stylish sweatshirts and lacy dresses with bold inscriptions, loose trousers, weightless blouses and dresses with an offbeat print, she says: "There is no "age" concept in fashion any more. If a woman likes her reflection in the mirror and she is well-dressed."

Smolensky Passage now offers articles from the collections of other Russian designers who have hold themselves out: Rasario, Maison ESVE, Laroom, CHAPURIN, Sergey Sysoev, Victoria Andreyanov, Yanina, Chapurin, Birukov, Poustovit, Galina Pozolko, Izeta, Girlpower, Katya Dobryakova and many others.

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