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30 January
Pomellato: dictionary of love

M`AMA NON M`AMA or "loves me, loves me not": this question is often asked by men in love when thinking about his or her beloved. It is surely perfect name for the collection of exquisite Pomellato jewelry, sparkling with youth and colors’ variety. Cabochon of round-shaped gems from which you can make, combine and compose infinite number of different options to correspond your mood, your look or your style. They seem to invent the language of one of the most complex and at the same time simple feelings – the language of love.

The timeline of M`AMA NON M`AMA was started in 2009 with the creation of nine rings of different colors, symbolizing nine emotions. Hessonite, amethyst, peridot, London blue topaz, red tourmaline, moonstone, green tourmaline, garnet and iolite come up to passion, desire, jealousy, tenderness, love, joy, hope, fun, nostalgia. Love Dictionary is ready – you need only make phrases or even poems using it. 

It acquired new elements over the time. Now it features dark diamonds and a rim of colored gems, pendants and earrings. The collection 2017 is a reflection of the M`AMA NON M`AMA nature. Amethyst, peridot, London blue topaz, moonstone and garnet have been chosen for the series, which consists of 5 rings with colored gems and a rim of white diamonds.
Also bracelets in 5 different versions of colored gems are presented for the first time. Miniature clasp is hidden behind the gem. Easily adjustable bracelet is securely fixed on the wrist.

M`AMA NON M`AMA rings & bracelets can soon be purchased in the stores of the brand in GUM, Petrovsky Passage, Smolensly Passage & Sochi. 

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