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15 February
Lunch of lovers and BOSCO Casa Fair in Petrovsky Passage
Someone blew out the first vase under the strict guidance of the Murano craftsmen fr om Seguso factory.  Someone acted as a glassblower to present his creation as a gift for his wife or sweet lady on February 14th. Someone became interested in the work of the gray-haired Italian signor fr om the Colombostile factory, who covered wooden curls for luxurious tables or chairs with the golden patina. Someone watched the brush of the Meissen artist sliding over the ruffles of the skirt of a porcelain dancer, turning an ordinary statuette into a work of art.
The new BOSCO Casa store was celebrating the housewarming in this unusual way on February 14th.
Many Russian celebs came to watch the work of Italian, German and French artists of the brands  gathered in BOSCO Casa space. It is not for nothing that the opening was timed to Valentine's Day: after all, real luxury is determined not by the price but by efforts, soul and love put into the thing. We are so accustomed to the conventional expression "hand-made" that it has become a sales pitch for most people. But there are manufactories that preserved 200-300 years old technologies and the products are utterly handmade from the idea to the final touches.
It is possible to see how genuine & eternal luxury is born or have a backstage tour through the legendary Italian, French and German manufactories without leaving Moscow within the Bosco Case Fair held in Petrovsky Passage from February 14th to 25th. Everything is created with great love and passion for craft here. 
Spectacular workshops inspired everyone for the shopping in the BOSCO Casa, wh ere all the brands from the Fair are presented.
BOSCOCasa is not just a store, it's a real house wh ere you want to stay, because casa stands for home in Italian. The space is divided into six "rooms": an entrance hall, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.
Frames with the first kids’ shots, classical chandeliers or creative lamps, pillows, curtains, caskets, blankets, glasses - all the details necessary for the mood & coziness can now be bought in a large multi-brand store located at the second level of the central passage of the aristocratic Petrovsky Passage.
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