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5 November
Etro Show at #BoscoFashionWeek

Bosco di Ciliegi presents Family Fashion Week 2020 in a new format. BoscoFashionWeek is not limited exclusively to fashion shows, but it is also a social event and meeting place for good friends. This year, Bosco di Ciliegi, as many other international fashion houses, favors video fashion shows that are available on the Youtube channel and in the official accounts of Bosco di Ciliegi.

BoscoFashionWeek opened with the show by ETRO.

ETRO is a family-owned company based on the creative union of Gerolamo Etro's four children. Veronica is the creative designer of women's collections, Kean is responsible for men's collections, Ippolito is the executive director of the brand, Jacopo takes care of the fabrics and Etro Home line: accessories, dinnerware, and textiles that help one to enjoy a bright and bold life. The ETRO collection show which served as the opening of BoscoFashionWeek was as colorful and cheerful as ETRO’s philosophy. Actresses Darya Poverennova and Agata Muceniece took part in the show along with entire families of Bosco di Ciliegi clients.

Thanks to the realistic scenery and unique script, each Bosco fashion show is a true event, emphasizing each brand's special character. Thus, the ETRO collection presentation embraced the energy of travel, the freedom of the Argentinian expanses, the lyric Balkan motifs, and the speed of horseriding. The whole show took place in a stylized stable.

Please follow the LINK to enjoy the show.

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