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7 November
Ermanno Scervino at #BoscoFashionWeek

Each brand’s collection is a celebration of feminine beauty with vivid contrasts between delicacy and power, lightheartedness and austerity, masculine and feminine, celestial and terrestrial.

The new collection by Ermanno Scervino embodies the finest traditions of Italian dolce vita: drapes, sculpted knitted fabrics, exotic leather, fanciful lace. Each item includes numerous handmade elements. What inspired the new collection? The designer’s answer remains unchanging: Beauty.

Light skirts, Victorian-style blouses, pearl embroidery unite with wool sweaters, office shirts, and tweed jackets. Flawless suits, padded jackets, and smoking dresses ensure that you have a look to fit any occasion.

The Ermanno Scervino A/W 2020/21 collection was presented by actress Aglaya Tarasova, businesswoman and influencer Ksenia Shipilova, and stylist Evgenia Postnikova.

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