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16 April
Bosco Bambino show in GUM: children's camp Artek

On April 15th, GUM Demonstration Hall was turned into the legendary Artek - the cherished dream of every child. The famous Crimean cypresses, endless blue sea and mountains surrounded the runway. The guests and participants of the show plunged into the world of the children's "kingdom" and felt the atmosphere of this special world, where loyal friendship and thirst for adventure reign.

Artek is not just the largest and most famous children's center in the world. This is one of the most recognizable Soviet brands with the long history, unique traditions and the atmosphere of a happy childhood. From the day of its foundation in 1925, the children's republic on the Crimean coast of the Black Sea became a dream of all Soviet children, and a year later Artek took the first international session. The first 80 Artek inhabitants lived near the sea in four canvas tents, and today Artek accepts over 30 000 children a year!

Uniform is one of the oldest Artek traditions. It was born with Artek and became the symbol of unity, cohesion and large Artek family.

Artek celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015. New uniform for each of the nine camps in an individual color range with the symbols created by Bosco di Ciliegi became a nice gift. Summer set of clothes includes about a dozen units. Kids receive a parade uniform - dark blue pants for boys and skirts for girls coupled with smart colored shirts, as well as casual uniform - beige shorts and a polo shirt of the color of the camp. In addition, a complete set of Artek uniform includes a backpack, a sweatshirt, a windbreaker, branded belt and cap.

A real performance, the script of which resembled the episodes of a trip to a summer camp, took place in GUM.

The show was started by the farewell scene, which is very exciting for both parents and kids. There is the mixture of feelings: awe of the new and unknown, anticipation of adventure and meeting new friends. Backpacks and suitcases are packed, instructions from parents are received. The long-awaited meeting with "Artek" is ahead!

Forest, marine, azure and amber - all the participants and the guests of the show were divided into four squads, each one with its own symbols and color. Dozens of colored cards were lifted to support the appearance of “the own” squad.

Morning exercises! The body fuels the mind! Little men of fashion defiled in casual clothes playing imaginary football, tennis and badminton.

We are going on a hike! Let’s take backpacks and flashlights. Comfy and versatile outfits in military style are perfect to conquer unknown trails and explore the nature and its inhabitants.

Here comes the end of the session in Artek. The most vivid impressions, emotions, a lot of sun, smiles and laughter are behind. New friends and the long-awaited meeting with parents are ahead. In the meantime, there is a farewell party and a merry disco. Young participants of the show appeared in elegant dresses and clothes for an incendiary dance party. 

Children's musical theater "Domisolka" was responsible for the sunny, summer & funny spirit: well-known children songs from Soviet & Russian movies & Artek songs sounded during the evening – none was left unnoticed, the guests were happy to sing and dance.

Guests and participants of the show were treated to delicious cottage cheese patties, pies, sandwiches with cheese and sausages, cottage cheese pudding in the “Artek” cafe at the bridge of GUM. Kids were able to take an on-line tour to Artek, get acquainted with its timeline, and purchase branded products like caps, t-shirts, mugs and other souvenirs with the symbols of the camp.

"Why I want to go to Artek" contest is announced for those who want to see the legendary camp! Any child from 8 to 15 years old can take part in it and win a tour to the International Children's Center "Artek"! To do this, you need to write an essay in a free form, bring it to Children's GUM from April 15th to May 25th and give it to Lyudmila. The results will be announced on May 30th and published at

Olesya Kozhina-Bozlovyak: A terrific show! I came back from Artek just recently, Igor Krutoy conducted a children's "New Wave" there. I fully plunged into the atmosphere of this camp once again: children's chants & squads – everything was real! Artek is really like this: kids have the same outfit, caps, each squad has its own chant & symbols. Bosco is a real team of specialists, wonderful guys, real creators who could make a complete immersion into the ambience of "Artek". Now, I am willing to come to Crimea in summer. Thank you, it was very cool!

Alexei Nemov: I envy modern children who have the opportunity to visit Artek. This is the feeling you cannot compare with anything: a lot of communication, something new every day, the collectivism of various ideas and possibilities. Kids are quite different here. Today I thought about sending my youngest son to Artek - we will write and take part in the contest.

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