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9 March
Flowers’ abundance in Petrovsky Passage

Colorful tulips, yellow mimosa, violet irises, white lilacs, daffodils, daisies, amaryllis, hyacinth, poppies - spring stepped confidently into the aristocratic Petrovsky Passage, transforming it into a lush garden.
The traditional flower market will be opened in Petrovsky Passage from March 4th to 9th: it is easy to get dizziness from the aromas of the variety of cut flowers and potted plants filling the air.
Breathe deeply, enjoying the first spring days and choose gifts for yourself and your beloved.
These days everyone can visit personal lessons in floral design in Petrovsky Passage. You can create an incredibly beautiful bunch or learn a mysterious and romantic language of flowers, which once had been spoken in aristocratic Europe and which is unfairly forgotten now. ARTICOLI by BOSCO Gallery will offer a variety of perfumes and cosmetics.
We offer festive treats for ladies and gentlemen to celebrate March 8th. Only these days we offer extra 8% off all purchases made in Petrovsky Passage. Double bonus points are credited.

See you in Petrovsky Passage!

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