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10 August
The First High Jewelry Collection by Pomellato

The dazzling selection of gemstones on the distinct forms of the La Gioia jewelry is a quintessential representation of the Pomellato style.

The dazzling combination of precious stones, striking volumes, large gold chains and the brand’s signature techniques have been elevated to great heights with the company’s first comprehensive high jewelry collection: La Gioia di Pomellato.

The 165 pieces from the La Gioia di Pomellato collection reflect the Italian art of living where one does not make a distinction between everyday jewelry and ceremonial jewelry. The creation of High Jewelry necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings was entrusted to the same craftsmen who develop all the lines of jewelry for the Maison. Their savoir-faire and quality are exampled daily at the Casa Pomellato workshop, where one hundred in-house goldsmiths design, hand-carve and hand-set the jewels, from start to finish.

La Gioia creations carry the most iconic Pomellato signatures in their design: a love for color and for out-of-the-ordinary gemstones, a penchant for gourmette chains and extra-large links, and a true mastery of irregular gem settings, always carefully hand-carved.

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