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5 October
Opening of SECTION - the pop-up store of Russian designers is in GUM now
On October 4th the pop-up store SECTION was solemnly opened at the 1st line of GUM. It will occupy an elite space opposite Louis Vuitton boutique for the next five months. Located at the two levels, the store is the first space in GUM, where the things mainly by Russian designers are offered. The project of Ilya Kusnirovich, Marousia Kovylova and the Esthetic Joys features 40 teams.
The SECTION celebrated its Birthday together with creative people: designers, musicians and numerous secular guests. The legendary GUM fountain has traditionally become the center of attraction. The performance of Antokha MS and the putting of a time capsule with an appeal to the Russian designers of 2067 has become the climax of the evening.
The inscription on the T-shirt, left by Ilya Kusnirovich in the fountain’s basin, voiced the following:
"To you, beautiful and courageous
To you, conquerors of peaks and depths
To you, who learned the unknown
To you, tamers of elements and transmitters of life
To you, beloved and loving
To you, friendly and dreaming
To you, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
To you, sons and daughters of your homeland
To you, heirs and creators!
Accept in due time the life-affirmative appeal of your ancestors. Through our work and creative permissiveness, we direct the best of our hearts and minds from the avant-garde Atlanteans and Caryatids.
Take it with peace and use it as you please.
Loving men of the planet Earth. "

SECTION is not just a store of trendy clothes, books, vinyl records and right souvenirs from the Heart of Moscow and a cafe treating to amazing coffee and curd patties. According to the creators, this is a "3D showcase of Russian fashion": a platform that can be used for co-working and presentations, lectures from guest speakers & exhibitions. One of them, "Fashion for the People! From Constructivism to Design" runs at the first line of GUM.
See you in GUM. You are welcome to the new SECTION pop up store!  

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