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14 December
Neapolitan Cuisine Weeks open at Petrovsky Passage
On December 13, Gianluca Isaia and Mikhail Kusnirovich oversaw the opening of the Neapolitan Cuisine Weeks at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage as part of the Homestyle Food Festival.
The president of Isaia, Gianluca Isaia frequently visits Moscow; this time, he came to converse with the loyal customers of the brand and present his legendary Isaia Red Bag. The bag epitomizes the very "heart" of Naples: rare beautiful fabrics ready to be transformed into iconic suits marked with the red coral charm. Guests of the evening had a chance to feel the materials, carefully chose them, and make unique tailor-made clothing pre-orders. All of these fabrics will be available at boutiques and ateliers around the world next season.
Isaia is a cult Neapolitan brand of premium menswear for sophisticated and elegant men. A distinctive feature of the Neapolitan cut is the soft shoulder and high armhole that ensure comfort of movement. 
On Friday night, fans of the brand gathered at Petrovsky Passage. Together with the head of Bosco di Ciliegi Mikhail Kusnirovich, Gianluca welcomed the guests and presented a special Neapolitan cuisine menu which will be available at Bosco Café from December 13 to 25.
Among the guests of the event were: Vladimir Pozner, Mikhail Barshchevsky, Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, Andrey Fomin, Maxim Matveyev, Alexey Yashin, Vladislav Tretiak, and others.
The Neapolitan gastroset was developed by Gianluca Isaia’s favorite chef, Italian Giuseppe Romano. Originally from Naples, Giuseppe has always been keenly interested in culinary art. As a child, he helped his mother in the kitchen, and she taught him all the secrets of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. Romano considers wok in one of the pizza restaurants of Naples to be an important step on his gastronomic path - that's when the chef decided to master the skill of making pizza. Now, he proudly calls himself a chef and a pizzaiolo.
Especially for Bosco Café, Giuseppe Romano and the chef of Bosco Café Davide Corso have prepared a menu that displays the gastronomic traditions of Naples and the favorite dishes of Gianluca Isaia.
See you at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage!

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