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19 December
Monobrand ETRO Home boutique was opened in Petrovsky Passage

The fanciers of Etro brand are attracted by wanderlust, but after all, even the most indefatigable traveler needs a safe haven to go back with a trunk of impressions and a suitcase of souvenirs. Now you should not go to Milan to purchase interior in Etro Home style as spacious 220 sq.m Etro Home store was opened in Petrovsky Passage.

Located at the second level, at the very beginning of the 2nd line of Petrovsky Passage fr om Petrovka Street, Etro Home forms a single space with Etro store. The space is about the latest trends of Etro Home Milano design. There is spacious sales room with open utilities on the ceiling. Glossy wall panels of deep gray color combined with decorative cases’ trims are faced with palm wood.

Etro Home Collection offers furniture, bathroom accessories, pottery, dishes as well as light fixtures and lamps. The legendary textiles that famed the brand are also in-store. You can find blankets, pillows, bedspreads, drape textiles. Also custom furniture upholstery service is available.

Fabrics’ development and production was the work of a lifetime for the founder of the house, Mr. Jimmy Etro. That is why the fabrics - exquisite, unique & recognizable – have become the main pride and dignity of Etro Home direction. That is why every textile collection is a quotation from different cultures, passion for exotic and warmth of the house wh ere they know what real family traditions are.

Imperial luxury of Limerick collection is about scarlet and gold of oriental “buta” motif embodied on velvet and satin. "Paisley" print appears in a new urgent interpretation, inspired by the style of the XIX century and colonial motifs.

Tulum is about the interlacing of folk style, geometric perfection of tartan and exotic details. Ethnic flavor reminiscent of gems’ shine reigns here. You will find the shades & glitter of emerald, ruby, amber and amethyst.

Aberdeen collection features aesthetics of Japanese motifs which is for the first time transferred to the Scottish tartan. Aberdeen is a restrained palette of neo-Gothic gray and neutral hues, perfect for the modern city. Over-sized "paisley" blinks on velvet canvas, framed by shiny glossy selvage.

Feminine and aristocratic Velair collection is wrapped in a fabulous spirit of the Loire castles and reflects Etro love of the natural shades including earthy, pink petals’ shine and grass emerald.

Monochrome Knossos is a modern interpretation of graphic 60s embodied in velvet. Complex patterns of 12 shades surround the traditional "paisley", blooming on cotton satin.

See you in Etro Home in Petrovsky Passage!

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