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4 July
Opening of Pal Zileri boutique in Crocus City Mall
The boutique of the well-known Italian brand Pal Zileri was opened in Crocus City Mall on July 1st. The brand combines modern technologies and century-old tailoring traditions of making men's clothes with attention to details since 1970. The number of the Russian fanciers of the brand grows, so it expands the presence in our country. The opening of Pal Zileri stores in Petrovsky Passage, as well as the corners in VESNA and Smolensky Passage took place recently.
The interior of the boutique emphasizes the exquisite rigor of the brand: a spacious room is decorated with white and black marble in combination with details of wood of Italian nut color, subdued lighting is reflected in mirror surfaces. The main lines of the brand are presented here. You are welcome to appreciate handmade Pal Zileri Sartoriale, Pal Zileri Cerimonia featuring tailcoats, tuxedos and suits designed for solemn occasions, Pal Zileri Concept which is about the respectable сasual and the main Pal Zileri line. Abito Privato custom tailoring service is available for the VIP customers. 
The new main collection of the season 2017-18 shows the ability of the fashion house to combine sartorial traditions with the most up-to-date men's fashion trends. It is right to be called Avant-Craft.
Cut makes the silhouettes stylish and complex: the formal severity of single-breasted and double-breasted suits is softened by the ease of woolen and silk turtlenecks or striped cotton and silk shirts with trim. Sportswear like parkas, coats, blazers and seamless heat-resistant puffed jackets add even more elegance to the versatility of the line.
Pal Zileri name comes from the name of one of the famous Venetian family of aristocrats Zileri, and it seemed to "program" the brand to be privileged. The main office of the brand is located in the very heart of Veneto, although it has long been known outside of Italy and is presented in over 70 countries around the world.
Despite the conceptual diversity of the collections, the philosophy of Pal Zileri rests on "the three whales": these suits feature impeccable cut, restraint and special elegance verging on expressionism.
See you in the new Pal Zileri boutique in Crocus City Mall!
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