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27 March
Orfevre Sommelier: Puiforcat Collection for Wine Tastings
The French Puiforcat brand embodies the quintessence of the new art of living – the art of tasting defined by the harmonious combination of contemporary customs and rich traditions of silver tableware production.
Cutlery, champagne flutes and cognac glasses, coffee, and tea sets – the masters of Puiforcat have them all; they are also great in inventing new items of tableware. The Orfèvre-Sommelier collection honors the sublime power of wine.
Glasses for wine tasting are perfect containers that preserve the properties of wine. A particular type of glass corresponds to each special wine variety. Stemless glasses are a high point of the new collection. Enrico Bernardo, the best sommelier of 2014, and a contributor to this collection, for many years, has been studying how wine drinkers spontaneously grab their glasses by the base of the glass, and not by the stem. The innovative design resulted in a new perfectly shaped tumbler for wine tastings. Besides various glasses, there are wine decanters that help maintain the palatability of the drinks and also facilitate proper wine decanting.
With Orfèvre-Sommelier the tasting ceremony turns into something more significant than a simple gastronomic ritual. Beauty and elegance, unsurpassed preciseness of execution, as well as innovative design turn wine tasting into sheer art: the art of taste.
The Puiforcat collection is available at the BoscoCasa space at Petrovsky Passage, we will see you there!

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