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15 April
Oleg Kulik. Fast Molding / Participative Performance /
Oleg Kulik’s Fast Molding Participative Performance took place on April 14, at noon, at the GUM-Red-Line Gallery.
A large-scale GUM-Red-Line exhibition within the Cherry Forest Art Festival opened on April 13. Solo projects of 15 contemporary Russian artists united by a single architectural concept are displayed on the First Line of GUM. The GUM-Red-Line Art Show will include a comprehensive educational program, lectures, master classes, meetings with the artists, screenings of documentary films, a theater performance. 
A new contemporary art object creating participative performance took place on April 14 at the GUM-Red-Line Gallery. Together with Oleg Kulik – one of the first internationally acclaimed Russian performance artists - participants of the master class created a sculpture from many different elements in a short period.
In Oleg Kulik’s words: “When you mold a sculpture, you start thinking about reality borders. Is it self-sufficient due to its shapes, my incredible input? Or is it all surreal? Is it a projection of myself, a structure? Do people see what I am seeing? You can transfer all your energy, positive or negative, through your fingers, imprint it in the clay, and bake it. Spontaneous molding will open all the problem issues and will also demonstrate the borders of the genre.”

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