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2 December
Renewed two-level ETRO store at the 1st GUM line
Etro store in GUM moved to a new two-story 400 sq m space with a view of Red Square. The fanciers of the brand, including many celebs like Ivan Urgant, Vlad Lisovets, Tatiana Gevorkian, Alina Topalov, Alexei and Galina Nemov, Inna Malikova, Elena Zakharova, Anna Churina, Daria Veledeeva, Alena Peneva, Jana Laputina, bloggers Sofi Eliseeva and Daria Kunilovskaya came to the housewarming party at the invitation of Etro and BOSCOFAMILY on December 2nd.

The event featured Jacopo Etro. 17 models parading between the guests, presented outfits fr om the new spring collection of the brand.

Now Etro store, located at the first line, is more like a modern art gallery: whirling spirals of chandeliers reminiscent of crystal rain are under the high ceiling. Simple design is about the shades of noble gray, milky-white and black. Works of art - the legendary silk scarves with recognizable paisley pattern, are in the frames on the walls.

Women's collection of clothing and accessories is located at the 1st level, while the second one is traditionally given to men's collection as well as to Etro Home Collection, wh ere you can purchase furniture, textiles and accessories of pottery & metal.

The design created by Etro architects is about dark wood, strict chrome and glass, reflecting the lights of the bustling GUM streets. You can enjoy the views of Red Square, sitting on the icy purple sofa in the new cozy Etro Home area at the second floor. There are also ethnic accents, which are the basis of the brand identity. For instance, the panels of zebrano, an African wood with thin dark stripes against lighter background, are on the walls.

Perfumes, leather handbags with recognizable Arnica pattern and other Etro accessories, like museum objects, are neatly arranged on glass windows and wait for their owners - passionate open-minded travelers, but not hermits at all.

It is impossible to blend into a crowed or be unnoticed wearing Etro clothing or accessories. Featuring the abundance of prints and seemingly unimaginable combination of patterns and colors, this brand is perfect for the connoisseurs of elegant & restrained style. Perhaps this very fact explains the success of the brand, presented by BOSCO DI CILIEGI for almost 15 years already.

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