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12 January
Renewed SECTION in GUM
The favorite SECTION moved to a new place – 2nd level, 1st line of GUM, closer to Ilyinka street. This is the first space in GUM, where the items of only Russian designers are presented.
The name was inspired by the legendary "two hundredth". It was the department, which worked in GUM during the Soviet era, where common people could not get. In the era of scarcity, it was possible to buy a Chanel suit or a fashionable fur coat. Party elite made purchases here. For examples, a one-time invitation to the Holy of Holies of GUM was given to Yuri Gagarin after the famous flight.
In 2017, SECTION - the project of the BOSCO Fresh Fest organizers, was reopened in GUM. Nowadays, scarce goods are the unique articles produced by Russian designers: capsule collections, limited editions and unique collaborations are produced especially for GUM.
Absolutely different brands are collected in the new SECTION space. They range from underground Outlaw and ZDDZ, nostalgic TWO BALL to popular Sorry, I'm not, NAUMI and commercially oriented Artem Krivda brand.
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