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20 April
New Persona by Marina Rinaldi
The boutique of Persona by Marina Rinaldi, a more democratic line of the famous Italian brand Marina Rinaldi, was opened at Vegas Kuntsevo. The space of 75 square meters is made in a new concept. This is the store that reflects the philosophy of the brand. The interior is based on the baselines, warm colors and natural materials.
Persona by Marina Rinaldi is the "younger sister" of the iconic Marina Rinaldi. These are the collections for the "Size +" girls, who tend to look fashionable, stylish, combine Italian design, excellent quality and major trends.
Strict and informal, casual and for special occasions, for day and night outs, for office and leisure time, for city and country trips, for home and fests - Persona by Marina Rinaldi is suitable for any occasion.
See you at the new Persona by Marina Rinaldi boutique!

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