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7 September
New Moschino store in GUM
We are glad to announce that the renewed Moschino store was opened at the 1st GUM line. The urgent FW collection is in-store already.

Being inspired by the dramatic events of the Renaissance era, Jeremy Scott reaffirms his enfant terrible status once again. In the new season he is back to the 90s, to be more exact - to the 1490s. Then, to save themselves from the Renaissance freedom of speech and morality, the monks made “a vanity bonfire” of musical instruments, manuscripts, art and clothing articles that threatened morality in their opinion.

"Born from the ashes", Moschino collection made in "hardcore glamor" style, features apocalyptic ruins of the luxurious Italian palazzo. Dresses with "burnt" edges are decorated with gilded mirror shards; they are girded by the fragments of ballroom chandeliers of Swarovski crystals or showered with broken piano strings.

Black leather jacket is another favorite Moschino attribute and the symbol of rebellion. This fall, evening Moschino dresses are about haute couture with a hard character. Leather jackets’ elements are combined with vibrant sophisticated dense-colored satin details.

Traditionally, the eccentric designer gives himself a treat of adding a bit of humor, albeit black. He creates accessories like evening handbags in the shape of cigarette packs or twenty iPhone covers.

All fans of the brand are welcome to the new Moschino space at the 1st level of 1st GUM line.
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