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22 November
New La Prairie corner in ARTICOLI by BOSCO
On November 23rd, the Swiss brand La Prairie celebrates the opening of a new beauty space in ARTICOLI by BOSCO VESNA in Novy Arbat. All the admirers of the brand are invited: freebies and special complimentary gifts, treats, the opportunity to personalize a jar of cream by engraving the name of the owner on it and other surprises are prepared.
The space of the new corner, which will be filled with orchids, the branded ARTICOLI by BOSCO flowers, on November 23rd, is decorated with the minimalism inherent in the brand.
Leading experts of La Prairie understand that "the heart of a woman craves luxury just like her skin craves for care & beauty." That is why the brand embodies the unsurpassed luxury and innovative skin care technologies in all its aids. La Prairie keeps adherence to the absolute perfection of form and content, combining the highest standards of purity of scientific technologies, innovative formulas and exquisite package.
Take advantage of the excellent opportunity to learn the tips from the leading experts of the brand, get acquainted with the precious collections and try the bestsellers within the  Art of Perfection treatment.
You are welcome to the new La Prairie corner in ARTICOLI by BOSCO VESNA!
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