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21 July
New Pal Zileri boutiques
Italian brand of premium men's clothing Pal Zileri established in 1970, has opened two new spaces - a boutique in Petrovsky Passage and a corner at VESNA in Novy Arbat. The brand is about an artful combination of modern technologies appreciated by the visitors of the dynamic VESNA, and centuries-old tailoring traditions appreciated by the fans of the aristocratic Passage. The spaces in VESNA and Petrovsky Passage were opened almost immediately after the opening of the boutique in Crocus City Mall.
The main collection of the season 2017-18 once again shows the ability of the fashion house to combine sartorial traditions and the up-to-date trends of men's fashion. It is rightly called Avant-Craft.
Special cut makes the silhouettes stylish and complex: the formal severity of single-breasted and double-breasted suits is softened by the lightness of wool and silk turtlenecks or striped cotton and silk shirts with trim. Sportswear like parkas, jackets, blazers and seamless heat-resistant jackets are about elegance in combination with versatility.
Restrict color palette includes four core shades - gray, black and white with a spark of golden mustard color; dark green with a hint of rich orange; light & navy blue, underlined by purple and white alabaster; contrast of colors of aged red wine, gray slate and coal.
It does not matter if you cannot choose: Abito Privato custom tailoring service is provided for the VIP customers. An experienced tailor, who takes 55 measurements from the customer, arrives from Italy. The order is personally delivered within a month, no additional fittings are needed. Clothes can be mail-ordered after it, as Pal Zileri tailors store the measurements of each customer in a special database.
See you in the new Pal Zileri boutique in Petrovsky Passage and in the new corner at VESNA in Novy Arbat!
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