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11 December
New boutique of Longines brand was opened in GUM
The well-known Swiss watch brand Longines celebrates its 185th anniversary by opening the third boutique in Moscow - in GUM. The new space was opened in cahoots with Bosco, which is the partner of the brand since 2007.
A separate VIP zone of the boutique, designed as a mini-library, offers to get acquainted with the timeline of the brand. An interesting set-out of historical watches fr om the Museum of Longines located in the Swiss town of Saint-Imier, which has become the home of the brand since its establishment in 1832, is at the entrance. Pocket and wristwatches, which were carefully collected by the historians of the brand for several decades, are exhibited in GUM. Something was bought from collectors, something was found at auctions or in antique shops.
A tiny enterprise of Auguste Agassiz for the production and sale of ready watches marked the start of the history of the brand.  It was common that the local watchmakers worked at home then. In 1867, the nephew of Auguste Agassiz, Ernest Francion came up with the logo in the form of a winged hourglass and the company with the name Longines (which stands for "long meadows" in Old French) was established.
It was he who bought a piece of ground, wh ere the building of the current watch manufactory is located, and the most importantly – it was he who united the watchmakers working for his manufactory under one roof.
The first pocket chronograph (1878), the return chronograph with the caliber 13ZN (1936), the first automatic watch (1945), the first quartz watch (1969) are among the main achievements of Longines brand.
Pilots, seafarers and travelers trusted reliable and accurate Longines movements; Longines watches were in the service of civil aviation in 1954. In addition, the brand was the official timekeeper of the Olympics-80 in Moscow, so it has a longstanding acquaintance with the Russian capital.
See you in the new Longines space in GUM (1st level, 2nd line)! 
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