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7 November
New La Perla boutique
La Perla boutique was opened at the 3rd line of GUM. The famous Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi worked over its interior. The details of the new space are just captivating. According to Baciocchi, he was inspired by the exquisite Art Deco style, intertwining it with the philosophy of the brand skillfully.
Austere purple-gold walls echo with geometric arches of the high ceiling; the floor is draped with amethyst-colored velvet and marble, the uneven texture of which resembles the interlacing of the translucent refined Leavers lace - one of the favorite La Perla fabrics.
The showcases located along the perimeter of the boutique are weightless to match the whispers and flutter, of which La Perla pieces are created. They make men's hearts beat more & more often, women’s hearts lose peace and sleep due to them. A new collection from Julia Haart, offering a pret-a-porter line as well, is just like that.
See you in new La Perla boutique in GUM (1st level, 3rd line)!
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