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1 February
New Loyalty Program Terms
We have great news! The validity period of all Bosco loyalty cards has been extended to February 1, 2021. Please carefully read the terms and conditions of the Bosco Loyalty Program at
Check the accumulated bonus points and the balance in your personal account online to confirm your card status after February 1, 2021.
Valid Gold and Chocolate Cards issued before or on January 31, 2019 remain valid through and up to January 31, 2021 (two years). The amount on the card reflects all the purchases made within the last two years: from February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2019.
The validity period for the new cards is two years from the date of issue.
Customers (main card + duplicate card holders) can confirm the card status, if the amount on the card by the end of the validity period exceeds or is equal to the qualified minimum amount of:
- 1 000 000 rubles for the Gold Card;
- 5 000 000 rubles for the Chocolate Card.
Customers (main card + duplicate card holders) cannot validate their status within two years if the amount on the card is less than the qualified minimum. In this case, the level of the card is decreased by one level:
- The Gold Card is exchanged for the Silver Card;
- The Chocolate Card is exchanged for the Gold Card.
The validity period of the cumulative Family Cards is as follows:
Bosco, Articoli, BoscoFresh, Bosco Cafe, Bosco Outlet Silver Card — two years after the last purchase with the card. 
Card Discounts and Bonus Points:
Bosco Silver Card – 8% (5% discounts and 3% bonus points) 
Bosco Gold Card – 15% (10% discounts and 5% bonus points) 
Bosco Chocolate Card – 20% (15% discounts and 5% bonus points).

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