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2 March
New Home Décor Collection by Mario Cioni at BoscoCasa
The esteemed Italian artisan Mario Cioni presented new collections of tableware and home accessories at BoscoCasa, Petrovsky Passage.
Founded in the middle of the last century, the Mario Cioni brand still produces stylish home decor items, accessories, and tableware made of luxurious crystal. The Mario Cioni manufacture is a long-time supplier of products for Gucci and Baccarat, the brand's creations adorn the private quarters of Queen Elizabeth, the Sultan of Brunei, the Prince of Monaco and other representatives of royal dynasties.
Manual work makes each item exclusive, and the extraordinary well-thought-out design is exclusively developed for Mario Cioni by renowned artists.
Mario Cioni crystal contains more than 24% lead oxide. Therefore, the products are heavy and massive, and the uniqueness of their design and shape are emphasized. A special way of engraving brings unique transparency to each product. All objects are hand-blown.
BoscoCasa showcases new Mario Cioni collections: Adante, Isadora Dishes and Vases, Speed, Cistus — a spectacular series of products made in the shape of flowers. In addition to items for the bedroom and living room, the collection includes exquisite bathroom sets: soapboxes, vials, brush holders, salt boxes, towels and talc, and other quirky items. The collection was released in transparent, as well as bronze, amethyst, amber, and purple colors.
See you at the BoscoCasa, Petrovsky Passage!

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