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22 February
New "Chinese" tastes of GUM ice cream
Chinese New Year Festival in GUM is about spots of artists from the Suzhou Mask Theater, colorful shows of acrobats from the Shaolin Institute, tea ceremonies and workshops, food fair from the Soluxe Club restaurant, new design from Jackie Tsai, incredible exhibitions, as well as new tastes of the famous GUM ice cream!
Jasmine, green tea with lemon or gingerbread are three new tastes of the legendary delicacy, the recipe of which is kept secret since 1954. They can be bought in the stalls at the entrance to the first level and near the fountain until February 28th. We've tasted them already - it's really something incredible!
Поторопитесь, ведь Фестиваль подходит к концу: обязательно загляните к нам в эти выходные!
Hurry up, as the Festival is coming to an end: visit us this weekend!
See you in GUM & 新年快乐 (xīnnián kuàilè, Happy New Year)!
Follow the events & the program of the festival at and at social networks @gum_ru
The hashtag is #GUMxCNY.
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