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12 December
New Year's Fair in GUM and Children's GUM
Why do we love New Year's bazaars? There are many reasons: glittering and ringing Christmas balls, huge gift boxes, which are opened with a sinking heart, beautiful Christmas trees, under which gifts from Father Frost are hidden. This is the most pleasant bustle, which hints that the New Year is just around the corner! 
This very Christmas Fair bustles in GUM. This time, Christmas ornaments can be bought not only "at the fountain" and in Children's GUM, but also in the new department at the first line. Souvenirs are to meet every taste and budget, but the emphasis is on vintage decorations.
The new department at the first line offers fragrant sachets for Christmas trees & music boxes; a separate stand is filled with author's M. A. MOSTOWSKI toys – fairy, cartoon and movie characters in huge colorful boxes. The traditional Father Frost and Snow Maiden, the Nutcracker and the characters of the Pushkin’s "Goldfish" are accompanied by, for example, the favorite "Masha and the Bear" and even by the main lineup of the Star Wars movie!
The main trend of Christmas tree fashion is about author's papier-mâché decorations this year. Boys in sheepskin coats, graceful ballerinas, Father Frost, Snow Maiden and children wrapped in blankets - each doll was especially made for GUM by a craftsman of the manufactory "Dushistiye Radosti" (Fragrant Joys) in Kolomenskoye. Not more than a hundred toys can be produced within a month as the process is very time-consuming. So, these toys’ production was started in April.
Smiling & ruddy salesgirls dressed like Snow Maidens offer baskets filled with figures of the "Ariel" factory from Nizhny Novgorod: they are made in vintage style inspired by the Soviet Christmas tree fashion of the 70s and 80s. Collectors will appreciate the legendary balls from the "Russian Traditions", as each one is a real work of art with a unique pattern and personal signature of the artist.
New Year's Fair is located at the two levels of the neighboring Children's GUM. It is about a wide choice of interior New Year's decorations: huge stands with Nutcrackers, snow-white deer and squirrels, sparkling houses, painted lanterns and glass balls with snow. Safe & unbreakable Christmas decorations in the form of different sweets like donuts, cheesecakes, French fries and cakes are this year’s new arrivals. By the way, they are flavored.
All purchases are wrapped in branded designer’s GUM paper and tied with large satin ribbons - after all, gifts are judged "by clothes".
And finally, you can find an artificial Christmas tree for a family celebration! We have the variety of choices: in addition to thematic New Year beauties (for example, "sports" tree with skaters or "sweet" tree with desserts, there are exclusive Christmas trees for the charity exhibition in GUM - each one is made in a single copy.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Look forward to seeing you at the New Year's Fair in GUM and GUM-Fair at Red Square!
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