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28 November
Christmas exhibition of Alexander Oleshko in GUM
A vivid display of New Year toys, postcards, souvenirs and carnival masks "Happy New Year: the collection of Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Oleshko" runs at the 3rd line of GUM from November 25th to January 15th. You have an opportunity to plunge in the atmosphere of the 50's and 60's and learn or remember how the New Year was celebrated in the USSR.
Mr. Oleshko visited antique shops and flea markets to find toys of cardboard, papier-mache, wood and glass, or received them as a gift from the fans who knew about his hobby.
We can even study Soviet history watching the changes in Christmas-tree toys’ design, as fashion for these obligatory attributes of the main holiday of the country was closely connected with culture, art, economics and politics, which is traced by the exhibition in GUM.
Thus, the main characters of the New Year, Father Frost and Snow Maiden appeared in the familiar form only in the 1950s. Toy watches with arrows set for five minutes to midnight appeared with the release of the popular movie "Carnival Night". By the way, they were sold in GUM and were incredibly popular.
In the 1960s, the time of rapid development of agriculture and the era of space achievements, toys were produced in the form of cobs of corn, wheat sheaves, as well as rockets and satellites. A special series of toys with sports symbols, was launched in honor of the Olympics-80. All of them are on display at the beautiful showcases located at the 3rd line.
It is worth visit the set-out to see vintage New Year postcards, cotton Father Frosts (a separate stand is dedicated to them), porcelain Snow Maidens, glass bunnies, cones, funny masks from kids’ parties, impressive archive of black and white photographs and even the installations with apartment interiors of those years: with a pot-bellied TV, an indispensable bedside table and fashionable chairs on high, spread out legs.
This is an exhibition that unites generations, so it's necessary to come together: parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, who remember this time with nostalgia, will certainly have something to tell their children and grandchildren about.
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