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25 December
New Year's BOSCO Ball at the Bolshoi Theater

We have the New Year tradition. The main Moscow’s men & ladies of fashion, BOSCOFamily friends, prepare carnival costumes and go to the BOSCO Ball.
BOSCO Ball has become the legendary event. The coveted invitation on thick paper with a calligrapher’s inscription is considered a pass to the highest quarters.
The main rule of the ball of the year is always the same: modesty does not adorn. Therefore, creativity and creative expressions, set by the head of the BOSCO group of companies Mikhail Kusnirovich, are welcomed.
Regular BOSCO Ball participants know that preparations must be careful and devoted. After all, each ball has its subject: "Small depression", "The winner's ball", "Carnival night", "Dandies", "The “Blue Light” of 1966 in Ostankino". This year, the guests were taken back to the middle of the XIX century. In the run-up to the New Year, BOSCOFAMILY arranged a large costume BOSCO Ball at the Bolshoi Theater in honor of the 125th anniversary of "The Nutcracker".
The main worldly back-end event featured actors, sportsmen, politicians, chief editors & reviewers of glossy magazines and others Russian celebs. Light buffet, loud laughter and greetings, air kisses and talks, leisurely conversation over a glass of exquisite Lanson champagne are the necessary elements of the pastime before the show.

The "adult" ball was preceded by children's ball as it should according to the etiquette of the century before last. It was followed by the rings, inviting spectators to the hall. "The Nutcracker" was shown at the Bolshoi Theater for the anniversary 800 time, so the performance was special. Many people dream of watching the signature performance on New Year's Eve, and the guests of the BOSCO Ball, many of whom remember this ballet since childhood, were happy to observe this New Year's tradition.
A trip to the "backstage" became the most unexpected surprise of the evening. The labyrinth of the halls and corridors brought the guests to the holy of holies of the country's main theater: they could step to the legendary historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater.
Then dancing followed. Numerous couples have been swaying to the sounds of the orchestra. Waltz, foxtrot, quadrille, rumba – the rhythms changed each other, multicolored masks flashed, long silk skirts rustled.
The guests left long after midnight, carrying bright memories of the sparkling ballroom, Tchaikovsky's magic music and unforgettable impressions into the frosty night and blizzard. The Bolshoi Theater became closer, more cozy & chamber for one evening. Retaining its gloss and grandeur, it was opened from a new angle to Bosco friends and guests.


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